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According to foreign media reports, north face jacket spider silk has some amazing properties, it can be hard as steel, stronger than Kevlar, light carbon fiber. But unfortunately, I want to use agriculture farming way to obtain these materials seem impractical, it has also become the choice of many institutions to build a synthetic spider silk reason. Japanese companies Spiber is one of them, north face outlet a few days ago, the north face it launched a joint North Face called QMONOS made of synthetic fibers parka.

Coat the name very sense of technology --Moon Parka (Moon Parker), which is known to be the world's first artificial protein material garment.

Natural spider silk fibroin is created containing the reason to have such characteristics lies. However you want to completely create this silk protein it is very difficult in the laboratory, so Spiber thought of using the body responsible for decoding the spider gene that produces proteins and then by DNA recombinant production of this protein can breed bacteria, the final synthesis silk proteins are spun into QMONOS.north face uk

Moon Parka prototype North Face Antarctica Parka (Antarctic paragraph parka) based design to create, in addition the company has launched a QMONOS garment production lines. Although fiber can be dyed any color, but now, North Face north face outlet is the first to introduce a natural golden circle cobweb color - gold.

North Face Japanese carrier said that this material not only has better performance than traditional petroleum-based raw materials made of polymer fibers, and its production process more environmentally friendly. In addition, it has biodegradability.

Although north face jackets Moon Parkas before mass production also need to address some issues, but the company intends to begin next year in the foreign sale of this product north face sale, as the price, were not disclosed.

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